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Forget the change; all you need is a smart phone

Parking can sometimes be a difficult task especially when you park at a meter and you forget or run out of change. A technology company, MobileNow LLC; has created the perfect solution to eliminate some of the headaches that are associated with parking.

ParkNOW! allows drivers to pay for meter parking with the touch of their smartphone. The app is very simple to use and can be downloaded at the app store. To begin using ParkNOW!, drivers must create an account and register a method of payment that will be associated with their profile.

Once an account is created, all drivers have to do is enter the meter number and an amount of time. Payment is charged to a driver’s credit card. An alert is sent directly to your phone when your meter is about to expire and you have the option of adding more time without having to go all the way down to the meter.

This technology isn’t available in Canada and only a few major cities in the United States are using this system.  The system was launched in 2000 and is operating in six countries around the world.

This technology maybe coming to a city near you!  Would you be excited if this was available in Edmonton?  Let us know your thoughts!!

Ten Amusingly Dumb Car Inventions

Pizza Oven for CarAfter seeing Morgan’s 10 Useless Car Technologies blog post from a few days ago,  I was pretty sure I had seen a toaster oven that plugs into your car’s lighter (although it very well could have been from a Simpsons episode), so I was a little disappointed that it didn’t make the cut. After doing a little googling, I found out that there’s in fact a toaster oven for your car, as well as a microwave. And Ford introduced an option on their Flex vehicles for a mini fridge between the middle row seats.

Luckily someone compiled a list of amusingly dumb car inventions, which can found here. If you’re thinking about purchasing a toaster or microwave for your car, you might want to take a look at #3 on the list – a steering wheel tray (but not actually, they both sound incredibly dangerous.)


10 Useless Car Technologies

As we all know there are lots of car technologies that help make our drive more comfortable and fun, but not every feature is worth the hype. According to MSN there are 10 technologies that we could live without.

  1. Paddle Shifters for Automatic transmission.
  2. Interlocked seatbelt and starters: this technology prevented drivers from starting the car unless they were buckled in.
  3. Automated steering headlights.
  4. Automatic moisture sensing wipes.
  5. Map light.
  6. Motorized rear view mirror.
  7. Motorized seat belts.
  8. Proximity warning systems.
  9. Electronic parking break.
  10. Chevrolet Volt Capacitive Touch Controls.

Automatic Shift Paddles

What do you think of these technologies? Do you find them useless? Let us know your thoughts!

The New Future of Car Rentals

Did you ever think  it was possible to check and make reservations for cars on your smartphone or tablet device? Rent Centric Inc. is making this possible for customers.

The company offers apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets and home computers. These apps will allow customers to get real time information whether they are looking for a quote on a vehicle, wanting to make a reservation or need to e-mail rental confirmations to clients. Apps can be downloaded by visiting the company’s website:

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