Calgary Trail’s Wall of Fame: Budget Honours Veteran Len Belzil

The idea originated with general manager Bruce Samuelson and artist Janice Foster created a striking visual. Over his thirty five years of service, Len Belzil has earned more than his share of accolades, respect and recognition. This time he has his own mural on the South wall of our Calgary Trail office. It even has one of his beloved Chevy Impalas in the background. Although Janice did a great job, friends and colleagues assure him that he is actually more handsome than the likeness; at least to his face. It is very fitting and a well-deserved tribute.

Calgary Trail manager Dan Trowsdale probably said it  best “We owe a lot to Len for the great customer base he has built for us over the years.” Len was there when the first computerized contract rolled out of the printer and he personally wrote up the two millionth one to a regular customer. Few men get the opportunity to grow along with a company the way he has. Len is a better interview then Grant Fuhr but its pretty close. Like Grant, he is quiet, unassuming person who would rather have his actions and achievements speak for themselves. Len is a people person and his people skills are largely responsible for his success and longevity in the business. He is one of the luckiest guys who genuinely enjoy his job. One of Len’s hobbies is studying the American Civil war. Later this year he will travel to Atlanta, Georgia to view the remnants of this great era first hand. I think that this is very appropriate because along with Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson, I find Len Belzil to be a very inspirational guy. Our strength is our people.

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  1. This is a good example of what a man can do with his life if he devotes himself to what he loves.

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