10 Useless Car Technologies

As we all know there are lots of car technologies that help make our drive more comfortable and fun, but not every feature is worth the hype. According to MSN there are 10 technologies that we could live without.

  1. Paddle Shifters for Automatic transmission.
  2. Interlocked seatbelt and starters: this technology prevented drivers from starting the car unless they were buckled in.
  3. Automated steering headlights.
  4. Automatic moisture sensing wipes.
  5. Map light.
  6. Motorized rear view mirror.
  7. Motorized seat belts.
  8. Proximity warning systems.
  9. Electronic parking break.
  10. Chevrolet Volt Capacitive Touch Controls.

Automatic Shift Paddles

What do you think of these technologies? Do you find them useless? Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. These technoglogies are useless but some where these technologies are benificial as these technologiesless the workload from the drivers.Anyhow theses technologie may be useless in normal cars but for cars like limousines makes the senese. These technologies works as the input given by the drivers.

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